Our Process

Damage to your property is devastating. It’s often the largest finical asset in one’s life. Protecting it is the utmost importance to you and us. Once an insurance company and/or contractor have met to assess damages to a property they are often looking for or have an estimate. There are many factors that come into play when these estimates are written and more often than not there is a lot that is overlooked.

We are experts in the field of exterior storm damage.


With experience on both the contractor and policyholder side, we truly know how important it is to account for everything.


We stand behind what we believe in and go to great lengths to get you covered in all aspects.

Jeff & Katrina

They are a compelling duo that feeds of each others energy and communicates every step of the way. Jeff has roughly 10 years experience with the roofing and exterior restoration industry, starting his career with the install side of things and growing to full scale general contracting. Behind the scenes work with estimates and supplementing is an underrated portion of this industry that is highly crucial. Katrina is customer service oriented and strives on helping people on a daily basis. With being an RN full time and her main focus, she still tends to the daily involvement at Altru to make sure clients are being taken care of. It’s who she is! Together these teams efforts are to put others first and always be a conversation away from their clients. It’s truly Altruistic!!!

Frank & Major

Two completely different personalities with the same amount of love to give. They provide laughter in and around our workspace. Nothing is a surprise with these two, making the long days all worth it.